The primary objective of is to provide a snapshot of a topic, that the user wants to know about. For example, a meme is trending and all your friends are using it in the conversations. You want to know more about it. All you have to do is enter the keyword of the meme and select the date range (from when it is being talked about). provides a snapshot of all the important metrics – such as how many people are talking about it, what is the best post made with the meme in terms of engagement, which post got the maximum likes, which post got the maximum shares and which post got the maximum replies. also explores on the media engagement metrics – such as how many posts had photos or videos, which creative had maximum engagement, how many videos were posted on the meme, which post had the maximum video views.

Therefore, a user can get a complete overview of a trending topic within seconds. So the next time, your friend talks about a trending topic, you can have a thing or two to contribute to the conversation. The example we gave was about a meme, but this tool can be used to track conversations about news, entertainment, sports, events or anything that is of interest to you.

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Remember is a free tool and we have not enabled ads on our platform to not disturb your experience. Because of which, we are able to track only 1000 social media posts about any trending topic at the moment. With your support and active usage, we will be able to increase the limit to infinity in future.

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