Tazeit Score Calculation

Tazeit Score is a percentile score calculated by the website for the specific topic. When you enter your keyword on our system and choose the date range, our system will generate the amount of tweets , that were posted on the topic in the date range

It then analyzes the engagement metrics: number of likes, the number of retweets, the number of replies accumulated by the tweets. It also analyzes the number of media items that were posted along with the tweets. The views associated with the video tweets posted with the keyword is also calculated. Based on the these metrics, the system calculates a topic score.


The system also calculates the similar metrics for other keywords, based on the same date range. Comparing the metrics of the entered keyword with the universe, a percentile score is displayed. For example the keyword gets a tazeit score of 55, it means it is performing better than 55 percent of the other keywords on the same date range.

So the maximum tazeit score, a keyword can get is 99. As it signifies the keyword is performing better than 99 percent of the other keywords and it is in number 1 position. Also a point to note here is that the system is dynamic and changes every single minute. Depending on the traction in the social media space and the performance of keyword – the percentile can change from one point to another. So the user can get a sense of understanding of how viral is the entered keyword and how well it is performing compared to others in the same date range